A practical approach to how UI impacts gameplay.

Good UI is one of those disciplines that is often taken for granted. When it works smoothly we don’t notice it, and it blends with the game well enough that it works as an extension of the player to help them do what they want to do.

It’s only when an interface fails in its mission that we notice it, and we do it in such a way that it can ruin our fun. …

Videogames are a form of culture, a culture that is formed through the experiences and contributions of many players across many titles and genres.

These genres approach learning, strategy, and social communication in many different ways, depending on the requirements of every game and the customs that take roots in the player base.

When I started playing Starcraft II, for example, I was taught that not wishing good luck or a fun game to the other player could sometimes be considered rude, and many of my fellow players had the habit of discussing with random rivals the mistakes they did…

Videogames are a whole new world when it comes to comparing them with other digital products.

Each one has its requirements and the field presents a diversity that can sometimes be a nightmare to deal with.

For a designer, it may seem like every game demands a different approach, and experience can be hard to adapt from one title to another.

But we also know videogames are a form of culture, and they have created some traditions in UI that players have gotten used to.

An image of Final Fantasy XIV and its many menus.
An image of Final Fantasy XIV and its many menus.
MMO’s have some of the more complex UI’s in videogames. Source: Youtube.com

The design patterns in every videogame’s UI always take good care of not breaking this…

This week we’re going to take a more specific look into a particular genre to analyze how we can help improve the spectator experience.

Battle royales are the genre selected for today, and there’s a reason why we’re picking them: They were a special mention in the past surveys I’ve launched for other articles, and they’re often mentioned as an example of a poorly thought competitive format.

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Source: Youtube.com (Apex Legends)

As always, we need to go step by step to understand the problems.

What are battle royales and what problems do they deal with?

Battle royales are an ample genre and although many of them share characteristics, limits can be hard to set.


E-sports are a growing phenomenon that has been reaching more and more people in the last years.

The increasing numbers of viewers and the popularity of videogame streams are driving developers to think of videogames not only as an experience for players, but also as an experience for viewers.

A player using a gaming keyboard and mouse, while others watch him.
A player using a gaming keyboard and mouse, while others watch him.
Photo by Emmanuel on Unsplash

And wherever there’s an experience, there’s experience design. Streamings and e-sports leagues have evolved in this aspect over the years, but we still have a long way to go in terms of adapting games to the wants and needs of their viewers.

I want to take a broad look at e-sports in general with this article, and talk about some considerations about e-sports in general that will be…

Early Game represented the end of my bootcamp and required me to apply everything that I learnt in Ironhack.

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When it came to choosing the topic and it’s develompent criteria, I was presented with some difficulties. It seemed to me that we were presented with two options.

The first one was picking a simple theme, one that allowed us to focus on the skills we had learnt and getting every single detail right. A project that allowed us to do everything by the book, and show how well we could do so

The second option required exploring new fields, learning, and toying with themes or problems that we didn’t have to deal with before, despite the risk that this…

Our first individual project in Ironhack only had one restriction: we needed to design a tool meant to improve individual wellness.

This restriction, despite being the only one, was also very open: wellness is a broad topic that can contain many activities

Far from making the task easier, this was the hardest problem to overcome for me.The first week of individual project represented a true challenge for many reasons

The first one was that my knowledge areas and personal expertise wasn’t wellness oriented: I came up with many problems that I didn’t want to commit with since I didn’t know…

Semana 2

Con este proyecto finaliza la semana 2 en el bootcamp de UX/UI de Ironhack. En este caso nuestro proyecto se ha centrado en la creación de un E-commerce para un comercio local ya existente.

En este post explicaré el proceso de UX. Si quieres ver como se desarrolló el UI de Violet Tea, puedes hacerlo aqui.

Stakeholders y problemas.

El primer paso a la hora de realizar este proyecto era encontrar un comercio local al que pudiéramos ofrecer nuestros servicios.

Nuestro grupo encontró Violet Tea, un pequeño local especializado en tés e infusiones.

Image for post
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La dueña, Violeta, nos dijo que su proyecto personal para…

Semana 3 del bootcamp UX/UI en Ironhack


La tercera semana en Ironhack comenzó con un nuevo proyecto: Diseñar una funcionalidad para una aplicación de nuestra elección.

Entre todas las elecciones posibles se barajaron algunas aplicaciones como Tinder, Shazam, Spotify e incluso Discord.

Finalmente optamos por escoger Eventbrite, dado que el entorno de Ironhack ofrecía una buena base de usuarios con los que poder realizar una investigación más efectiva.

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El enfoque primario a la hora de aproximarnos a Eventbrite fue categorizarla como una aplicación para encontrar eventos, y tomamos un enfoque lo más amplio posible en este aspecto.

Con esta idea en mente nos lanzamos a realizar la…

En este post narraré el proceso de mi cuarta semana en Ironhack, y de nuestro primer choque serio con el mundo del UI.

No todo fue sketch y High Fidelity, y lo más difícil para mí fue, a menudo, lo que no sospechaba. He aquí algunos de los problemas que encontramos.

Los problemas de Violet Tea

Lo primero que necesitábamos antes de convertir nuestro Mid-Fi en un diseño completo era tener claros los elementos básicos.

Los colores, la tipografía, el tono que necesitábamos…En cierto modo el UI requería un research amplio que no se alejaba tanto de la parte del UX que ya nos era…

Miguel Manzano Aguilar

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